Roof Replacement FAQ

Q: Will it be loud when United Exteriors replaces my roof?

There will be various levels of noise during your roof replacement. If you, other family members or even pets have a sensitivity to loud noises, we recommend spending some time away from your property while the job is in progress.

Q: Do I need to remove any loose, unsecured items from the walls, shelves, etc. prior to my roof replacement?

Yes. Vibration from construction work may cause items to fall or slide off of shelves and walls. Examples may be mirrors, pictures, figurines or   plates. We recommend that any valuable items be removed prior to the start date. Please be aware when entering or exiting construction zones, always keeping small children and pets away from the work area.

Q: Do I need to protect any outdoor furniture or protect any landscaping?

Yes. Please remove all items around the house at risk of being damaged by falling debris, such as: patio and pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, and grills etc. Tarps are typically utilized by our roofing crews to retain excessive roof waste. The tarps are used in a manner to recover debris during the installation process and do not provide maximum protection to landscaping or plants. United Exteriors will make efforts to reasonably protect the landscaping on your property. However, due to the normal removal and installation process of roofing materials, some potential damage to landscaped areas may be possible. United Exteriors will not be responsible for reasonable damage to landscaping that typically is associated with roof replacement.

Q: Could their damage to siding or dormers that touch the existing shingle surface?

Yes. Existing siding on walls & dormers that have been installed touching the existing shingle surface, may be damaged during the removal process. This damage is most likely unavoidable & is typically associated with the original roof being improperly installed or when the existing siding material surface is deteriorated due to natural weathering or rot. United Exteriors will not be responsible for damages to the siding surfaces when related to these issues. A request for coverage will be made to the individual insurance company (if applicable) or the homeowner directly should this issue arise.

Q: Will there be any debris in my attic or garage during or after my roof replacement?

I t is possible to have debris fall through spaces in the roof decking into an attic or garage. Please remove cars, motorcycles, b i cycles, boats, and other storage items that are at risk of being damaged or dirtied during the roof replacement. United Exteriors i s not responsible for the removal, damage, or cleaning of these items.

Q: Will there be any additional charges for wood replacement on my roof project?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accurately predict or estimate these variables perfectly as in most cases the damaged wood is hidden. We will promptly communicate any changes in price or scope of work due to damaged wood that needs to be replaced. When unforeseen damage is discovered we will present a price to replace this wood. The minimum amount will be $ 75 dollars and will include labor and material to make a repair in one area up to 32 SF. Additional areas and SF will be quoted on a job to job basis. It is imperative to receive an answer on this additional work immediately as the roof replacement cannot continue without this replacement.

Q: What happens if there is rain in the forecast for the day of roof replacement?

United Exteriors will not replace your roof if there is a 30 % or greater chance of rain on the day of removal and/ or installation of your roof. Inclement weather may cause delays i n our production schedule. We will need an adequate window of c l ear weather to complete your project.

Q: When and how will the material for my roof be delivered?

Our material suppliers will be delivering your material with very large t rucks that weigh in excess of 65,000 l bs. Typically, these t rucks will be entering your property to properly unload the material. Please let us know of any specific concerns or instructions prior to start date. It is normal and customary for a forklift truck to be used to place the shingles near the home. This forklift will need to travel across the yard in order to complete this task.

Q: Will I need to contact my satellite dish service provider after my roof is replaced?

The roofing crew may need to disconnect or move a satellite dish from your roof during its replacement. Satellite positioning is very sensitive and most times we are not able to get the satellite dish back in the same exact location. Please contact your cable or satellite provider prior to   start date to schedule service for realignment if necessary. TEAM United Exteriors will not be responsible for any fees related to having the satellite dish repositioned. Typical charges we have found to be around $ 100.00 Please budget accordingly.

Q: I have a septic tank in my yard. Should I make United Exteriors aware?

Yes, please make United Exteriors aware of the exact location to avoid possible damages from heavy equipment utilized in the roof replacement process.

Q: Should I replace my skylights when I replace my roof?

United Exteriors always recommends and suggests that you replace your skylights when replacing your roof shingles for many reasons. When installing a new roof and skylights we can warranty the whole project. If we only replace the roof and not the skylights, we cannot warranty the skylights. When the skylights fail, we will have to come back and remove the shingles, I& W, and skylights. This will be much more expensive in the long run. We will always respect a homeowner’s decision in this matter. Whatever the homeowner decides we will provide the best possible craftsmanship.

Q: What does United Exteriors warranty cover?

United Exteriors offers a workmanship warranty on the projects we complete. * The warranty for materials is supplied by the manufacturer of those materials. I t is understood and agreed that in the event of defects and the necessity of making repairs, the property owner will immediately notify United Exteriors in writing of its conditions and shall give us reasonable time in which to make said repairs. If any person, firm, or corporation other than United Exteriors has, since the completion of the above work, performed or attempted to perform any repairs to the property then this warranty could become null and void. This warranty does  not  cover any  repairs made  by  anyone other than  United  Exteriors or one of its authorized representatives. United Exteriors shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever to make repairs occasioned by injury to said property caused wholly or in part by windstorm, tornado, lighting, hail  or  other casualty, or  by  reasons of  negligence by  any party not directly associated with United Exteriors. Please see Warranty Options for specific coverage for your particular project.

Q: Property Access?

Your contract price is calculated allowing us access to your driveway for our t rucks as well as access to your electricity supply. Please park your vehicles out of the garage and off of the driveway during construction. We will require access to your driveway to load material onto the roof, remove debris from the  roof, and  to  clean  up.  I f exterior plugs are not  available, please run  an  extension cord through a  window or  door.  Please unlock all gates to provide access to all areas of your yard for clean up. Turn off all   alarms and sprinkler systems. Confine pets indoors or restrain away from the working areas. Check all gates prior to releasing them back into your yard.

Q:  What’s done with Leftover Materials?

Any left- over materials remains the property of United Exteriors, unless otherwise stated in your contract.